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The history of Japanese manufacturing has long been recognized by the world. Today, the technology has evolved into a device for manipulating invisible information and is deeply penetrating into our lives. P3 continues to make products necessary for such an IoT era.

Digital transformation

We manufacture various types of devices in order to connect people, things, and things with the world's most advanced digital technologies such as AI and IoT, and to realize a "safety," "safety," "efficiency," and "fair" society.


We have introduced an IoT information transmission platform for inns that can be used simply by inserting it in the guest room TV. We aim to solve the labor shortage and provide local information in the future.​

Digital signage

Our signage that boasts a lot of achievements from LED with good color development to outdoor digital signage. In addition, there is also a T-Signage CMS distribution with the important point of "how to operate" after the introduction.