Creating a platform where people gather

"There are people ahead". We build media platforms where people are. A platform is a place where people receive services and a place where we transform IoT technology into value and deliver it. We will create a platform that can transform place into value in the era of great media transformation.

Signage media platform

The media has continued to evolve from "paper" to "wave" and "web" from the past. We will use the IoT technology to evolve the media form of the web to the next level.

New generation platform that integrates TV and smartphone

The hotel TV is an important touch point where you can touch the people of the world. We are developing various media services at the touch point where you touch the person.

Environment IoT platform

A lot of wasted energy is consumed in the office space where people live their business lives every day. We use IoT & AI technology to research, develop, and provide an IoT platform that controls the environment with the theme of energy reduction, which is a global theme.