Management philosophy

Creation of new products and services that are not in the world

Any service is for people, not for the mechanics of the service or business gimmicks. Remember that every business is “people ahead” and we value value to our users first.

Management policy

Platform planning & products

We plan the platform, provide its products, and create value. The platform is the starting point of services for people to gather, and the touch point where people touch services. We aim to create new value on the platform.


IoT Digital Transformation

We promote digital transformation. We aim to create value for a new society by embodying the labor-saving and energy-saving goals of the international community with our technology.



Green building master plan ~Hidehiko Fujiyoshi~


We are currently participating in a IoT energy control experiment sponsored by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) in…
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Will restart. ~Ryuichi Terayama~


Two months have passed since the company name was changed as Peasley and the management system was renewed.
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New departure as P3 ~Hidehiko Fujiyoshi~


On May 1, 2020, TRANZAS Co., Ltd. will welcome a new departure as P3 Co., Ltd.
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COVID-19 and beyond. ~Ryuichi Terayama~


Every day is swung around by COVID-19.The world was at the mercy of Coronal disasters, and the fear of losing lives and the economic collapse caused us to lose our ability to live today, and society began to collapse.
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