Will restart. ~Ryuichi Terayama~

Two months have passed since the company name was changed as P3 and the management system was renewed.
Prior to that, about two years ago, a new management strategy and sales activities based on it were started as a new P3, and the beauty salon signage business, which is the first job of the P3 concept of platform, planning, and product, is New. Although it was affected by Coronavirus, installation will be almost completed at many beauty salons in late July, and full-scale platform business will begin. Collaboration between our partner companies, Digital Garage and DALIA, is progressing smoothly.
In the near future, a completely new signage business will start not only in beauty salons but also in new places where people gather.

In the past, most of the platforms were just dangling from the Internet, but P3 commercializes and installs signage that maximizes the net function in the place where people are, and monetizes communication of people.
Of course, New Corona virus support, which is a big problem recently, has added functions. For example, signage with non-contact function, on the other hand, face recognition, etc. are the highlights of P3’s power with product strength.

The company must contribute to society by the results of its business, and continue to manage with high profitability, but I must not forget to save the wealth of heart of people living there.

Please look forward to the P3 towing that has restarted the drastic management system.