New departure as P3 ~Hidehiko Fujiyoshi~

 On May 1, 2020, TRANZAS Co., Ltd. will welcome a new departure as P3, Inc.


What comes to my mind right now is the memory of the founding of TRANSAZ 25 years ago.
 I was a student at the time of founding, I was making articles of incorporation at a coffee shop, and at that time, what was on the TV in the store was an image of the city of Kansai that became a burned field due to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
≪Our company started when we chose to create, in the midst of chaos and chaos.
At that time, “Trans Aspiration”, which is the prototype of TRANZAS’s company name (I want to see what is beyond ambition and what I am looking for), I think that was the only thing I had when I was founded.


It has been 25 years and 4 months since then. TRANZAS decided to change the company name with P3. Over the past 25 years, TRANZAS has made various efforts with the world’s most advanced companies and has grown into a company that possesses world-class technological know-how as in-house manufacturing as in-house DNA.
“What should we do in the future?” I have had a great discussion over the past year with Terayama, a senior management chairman who will lead the way in P3 together. The conclusion is always clear, one point of “social contribution”.
Our company has made desperate efforts to pursue dreams (Trans-Aspiration) since the past. Finally, 25 years later, beyond this ambition is altruism that is neither private nor honor, that is, social contribution, “in order to make humanity happier, we must provide the world with what we have cultivated.” I feel that this has led to the result.
I don’t think social contribution is easy. If there is no essence that can really contribute to society, it is just a good-willed push, and if you do not have the power to continue it, it will only look naive if you easily say it without hypocrisy or ability. Now, I think that we have made good preparations.

 Therefore, the name of TRANZAS will end on April 30, 2020, and we will be reborn as P3, Inc. with the theme of new social contribution. We will provide the manufacturing that we have cultivated to platforms that contribute to society. Innovation is P3 (Platform Planning & Product) .

 We welcome new creations against the backdrop of the global pandemic. I look back 25 years ago and feel a mysterious destiny.