COVID-19 and beyond. ~Ryuichi Terayama~

Every day is swung around by COVID-19.
The world was at the mercy of coronal disasters, and the fear of losing lives and the economic collapse caused us to lose our ability to live today, and society began to collapse. In the future, even if we can surpass it with some savings, we have no choice but to reassess all of the prosperity of people up to yesterday, including the relationship with the economy, industry, and social life, with the same values and methods. And we were given the task of overcoming those fundamental sequel.
That is our proposition waiting for the Corona.

On the other hand, Corona strongly asks human beings living on this earth to share a sense of “saving lives” across borders, religions, and ideologies, and asks what is important as human beings.

Also, even though it has not been more than three months since the virus called Corona has developed, humanity has regretfully lost its limbs.
No nuclear weapons, no huge amount of money is available in front of Corona, and even if a therapeutic drug is developed and Corona is eradicated in the near future, a new post-corona will appear again, and the same thing will be repeated. Will be. Humanity will again face a new virus of poor quality, similar to this corona, but it cannot escape its fate.

There are many things Corona warned about right now, but I think we have to make a big difference to the values of our way of life.
If you express it a little emotionally, each person thinks carefully and takes action seriously about how to spend each day, in order to obtain the fundamental answer, “Why are people born and died?” I think it’s time.
Self-restraint, most people do not go out, people disappear from the city, time at home increases with family, work styles do not change to the company, eating out, there is more time to think irresistibly, reading I feel that I’ve started to ask myself, “Why are people born and dead?”

P3’s business center is to operate the platform with its original device.
I’m aiming to contribute to society by creating a wide variety of platforms in the future, but I’m wondering what to do with the underlying theme of each platform, and I think that a single compass can be seen with this Corona.

Everyone is born in this world to be happy.
I would like to create a platform on the axis of having my own happiness before helping each other’s happiness by resonating each of those feelings of happiness with many people.
From now on, I would like to make an effort for people to live a happy life richly through various platforms provided by P3.